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About Course

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  • Course objective Is to equip the learner with the abilities to conduct a successful Personal Training session according to a written tailored program designed for healthy individuals to achieve pre planned goals that is based on an accurate health and fitness assessment.
  • The course is divided into five domains or modules “1. Professionalism, 2. Assessment 3. Exercise science, 4. Program design and 5. Practical Personal Training.



  • Fitness enthusiasts who see themselves into the fitness field.
  • Gym members who want to take their fitness background into the next level.
  • Fresh graduates or university students who want to skill their qualifications.
  • Gym, sports clubs, Trainers who want to take their career to the next level.
  • Health club, Hotel gym, Hotel SPA and Clubhouse trainers’ attendant.
  • Physical Education teachers and instructors in schools or universities.



  • 18 years old and up, high school graduates or equivalent studies.
  • Good command of Arabic and English language.
  • Valid CPR & First Aid courses


Certified Fitness Trainer ( Ereps Level 4)


Topics for this course

4 Lessons

Domain 1 : Professionalism?

Learning the ability to communicate professionally within the profession code of ethics to adhere the client to a healthy life style achieving planned technical and finical targets.
Chapter 1 : Professionalism
Chapter 4: Fitness Marketing & Sales
Quiz 1: Professionalism
Chapter 2: Healthy & Active Lifestyle Adherence and Behavior Coaching
Chapter 3 : Fitness Business

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